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Steve Jobs Is Probably Smiling From Above As Apple's iPhone 4s Remains Incredibly Popular

Apple first unveiled the iPhone 4s in 2011. Nonetheless, the company’s current “free” phone is still quite popular, accounting for 25 percent of all iPhones sold by the company during the last quarter, according to AppleInsider. In a note to investors, Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company said that there were around 10 million iPhone 4s units sold in the March quarter. This compared to the 31.02 million iPhone 5s units (71 percent of the total) that were sold. Just 1.75 million iPhone 5c units were sold between January and March, according to the analyst. To come up with these numbers, Wolf took into account that the average selling price of the iPhone was $596 last quarter. This was "divided between the $650 starting price for the iPhone 5s, $550 entry price for the iPhone 5c, and $450 tag for the iPhone 4S." In late April, Apple announced it had sold 43.7 million iPhone units during the previous quarter. As is practice, the company did not breakdown the sales by model. The iPhone 4s was launched one day before Steve Jobs died. Many consider the handset “4-Steve.” The model was the first by Apple to feature Siri, the voice recognition software now found on every iOS device currently being sold. Like the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 before it, the iPhone 4s is the handset Apple is currently offering for no money down. Most likely, the iPhone 4s will be retired when the "iPhone 6" is launched later this year. See also: Apple's Share Of Japan's Smartphone Market Booms, Hits 36.6 PercentApple’s iPhone 4, iPad 2 Probably Won’t Support iOS 8, and Report: Apple May Introduce Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre At WWDC. Photo credit: Iozia  
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