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Christine Chan

I'm a journalism graduate from CSULB and the managing editor here at AppAdvice. I'm a techie with a strong passion for Apple products. I'm always knee-deep in the iTunes App Store, looking for the latest and greatest apps to write about here at AppAdvice. Contact:
Latest from Christine

With Assembly, anyone can be a graphic designer

The latest app from Pixite lets you become a graphic designer, regardless of your experience.

Chesh is a modern twist on classic chess

Chesh is a brand new way to look at a classic board game.

Fantastical 2 gains 3D Touch, multitasking and more

The popular calendar app from Flexibits received a big update today.

Run, hop and fight the darkness in Astra, a gorgeous platformer

Astra is a beautiful auto-running, physics-based platformer that you shouldn't miss.

Don't split hairs over the puzzling SPL-T by Simogo

Don't be fooled by the appearance of SPL-T, the new puzzle game from Simogo. It's anything but simple.

Hover your way to the top in The Balloons - Endless Floater

Find out what it's like to float gracefully as a balloon in this new game from Noodlecake Studios.

See puzzles from a different perspective in Hocus

Take a break and unwind this weekend with the calming puzzles of Hocus.

Train your brain in The Sequence, a challenging puzzler

Finding the right sequence is harder than it looks.

Bend gravity to reach the goal in AGRAV: Inertial Orbit

Manipulate gravity to guide a ship through space in this challenging physics-based puzzle game.

Sit back and relax with some Television Time

Don't fall behind your favorite shows again with Television Time.

Explore a shifting world in Land Sliders, a casual arcade game

Slide the world and explore ever nook and cranny to rack up the points in this cute and charming arcade game.

You have to be fast to save the gaming world in HoPiKo

It's up to you to save the game consoles from an evil virus in this challenging twitch platformer.

Basil 3 is now on iPhone and will spruce up your cooking

Basil's latest update makes it a universal app and one you shouldn't miss.

Get a genuine tabletop RPG experience in Galactic Keep

Love sci-fi and tabletop RPGs? Then Galactic Keep is a must-have.

Starseed: Origin is a nostalgic arcade shooter in your pocket

Starseed: Origin is the new bullet hell shmup from Crescent Moon Games that is hard to put down.

Now you can annotate photos and create text notes in Paper

Is Paper on iPhone worth checking out with all of the new features?

Launch Center Pro gains a Today widget and more

Our favorite app and action launcher just got better with today's big update.

Time your attacks to win in Skilltree Saga, a casual RPG

It's all about skills in this fast paced but lightweight RPG.

Spin and tap to make matches in a puzzling Sea of Squares

Sea of Squares is a fun puzzle game that is harder than it looks.

Obliterate foes in Devastator, the new Radiangames shooter

Get intense arcade shooter action with the latest dual-stick shooter release from Radiangames.

Become more productive through text commands with Input

This simple app makes it easy to capture information and take action across multiple apps and services.

NetNewsWire returns to iOS

NetNewsWire is back, but is it too late?

Trick Shot puts your precision skills to the test

One of the developers behind Monument Valley has released a challenging new puzzle game.

Jump and fight for survival and karma in The Deer God

Living life as a deer is much harder than you think.