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Christine Chan

I'm a journalism graduate from CSULB and the managing editor here at AppAdvice. I'm a techie with a strong passion for Apple products. I'm always knee-deep in the iTunes App Store, looking for the latest and greatest apps to write about here at AppAdvice. Contact:
Latest from Christine

Play the right hands to rack up points in Sage Solitaire

The guy behind SpellTower has released a new card game, and it's a must-have.

Explore a lost world and solve puzzles in Lara Croft GO

Square Enix's Lara Croft GO is a refreshing change and welcome addition to the franchise.

Meld your iPhone with beautiful Dribbble designs in ZEEEN

You'll always find some inspiration or gorgeous design with this awesome new Dribbble app.

Give your photos a new Base with this sleek camera app

Base is a slick new camera app that wants to be the foundation of your photo editing workflow.

Take a chance with Dice Mage, a bite-size RPG

Are you feeling lucky enough to take down these tough foes with some magic?

Put the pedal to the metal in Horizon Chase, a retro racer

Outmaneuver your opponents to get the gold in Horizon Chase.

Achieve harmony in the beautiful world of Barmark

Barmark is your own personal zen garden in the palm of your hand.

Sputnik Eyes is a cute puzzle about space and robots

Sputnik Eyes is a challenging new puzzle game that features cute robots in space — what's not to like?

Embark on a puzzling journey of purification in Koi

Koi - Journey Of Purity is a gorgeous zen-like puzzle game with some unfortunate flaws.

Keep track of your emotional rollercoasters with Moodnotes

Track your feelings and get insights on how to improve your happiness and well-being with this slick new app.

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon is an intricate puzzler

The highly anticipated sequel to Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor has arrived, and it's a must-have.

Shoot lasers at your foes in Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne

Put your bullet hell shmup skills to the test in the flashy new .Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne.

Fire the cannons in Manowar, a gorgeous puzzler

You'll have to use several different skills at once to be successful in this challenging physics-based puzzler.

It's just You Against Me in this turn-based card game

Can you outwit your opponent and take over the board?

Can you master Domino Drop, a stimulating new puzzler?

Everything just falls into place in Domino Drop, the challenging new puzzle game from the developer of Pair Solitaire.

Fly against the clock in Race The Sun, an infinite runner

Race The Sun originally appeared on Steam in 2013, but is now available on iOS.

Are you fast and skilled enough to be a Shibuya Grandmaster?

You have to be quick to figure out the patterns and make matches in Shibuya Grandmaster, the new game from Nevercenter.

Fantastical on iOS gets drafts and Japanese localization

Our favorite calendar gets a new feature and more localization.

Fly and blast your way through Hex Brutal, a twitchy shooter

Are your skills good enough to make it out of this cave alive?

You don't need to be vegetarian to enjoy To-Fu Fury

To-Fu Fury is the latest installment of the To-Fu series and it should appeal to all puzzle-platformer fans, vegetarian or not.

Prune is an artistic game about cultivating trees

Grow your own digital tree and trim it into a work of art in Prune.

Unleash your inner tactician in The Long Siege

The Long Siege is the perfect blend of match-three, RPG, and real-time strategy in one.

TodoMovies 4 brings Apple Watch app and more

TodoMovies gets a huge update today, making the best movie-tracking app better than ever.

Get rolling and test your agility in Cublast

Do you think you're fast and precise enough to master this challenging arcade game?