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Christine Chan

I'm a journalism graduate from CSULB and the managing editor here at AppAdvice. I'm a techie with a strong passion for Apple products. I'm always knee-deep in the iTunes App Store, looking for the latest and greatest apps to write about here at AppAdvice. Contact:
Latest from Christine

Take a trip to the future in One Button Travel

A one-way trip to the future may sound like a dream, but it's far from it in this interactive sci-fi adventure.

Get the balls in the right places in the puzzling Orph

Just how attentive are you? Find out in Orph, a puzzle that tests your reflexes.

Swing, fling, and throw yourself to victory in King Tongue

When you're up against an army of bananas, a monkey's tongue is your greatest weapon.

How long can you survive on the Last Horizon?

Do you have what it takes to survive in the cold and dark depths of space?

Dig, explore and collect stars in Starlit Adventures

Keep the whole family entertained this weekend with Starlit Adventures, a fun adventure platformer puzzle game.

Blast your way through infinite space in Cosmos

Cosmos - Infinite Space is an arcade space shooter that could keep you busy.

Unscramble the words and solve the squares in Word²

Word² is a challenging new word game where you must unscramble and decode the words in the squares.

Line them up and match away in Let's Twist

Let's Twist is a unique arcade matching game that will keep you entertained.

Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey is a beautiful and captivating JRPG

Dive into the beautiful world of Orcanon in this JRPG adventure.

Explore dungeons and rack up points in Tiny Rogue

Tiny Rogue is the latest turn-based roguelike from Ravenous Games.

Cobe the Gallery is a beautiful puzzler about colors and cubes

Sit back and relax with this gorgeous puzzle game.

Catch Ruby La Rouge if you can in Agent A: A puzzle in disguise

Outwit the deadly Ruby La Rogue in this captivating puzzle adventure game.

Defeat the Golden King and get rich in Five Card Quest

Five Card Quest is a new roguelike card battle RPG game from Rocketcat Games that is as challenging as it is addictive.

Lightblade Academy

Don't miss the trailer for Lightblade Academy, a new Apple TV game that lets you train to be the best warrior in the galaxy. Are you saying gameON or gameOFF?


If you want a Zelda-like adventure on your Apple TV, then you need to check out Oceanhorn.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

If you want intense arcade shooting action on your Apple TV, then you have to grab Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved.

Pako - Car Chase Simulator

Get the experience of a high speed car chase without getting in trouble with the law with Pako - Car Chase Simulator on your Apple TV.

Shoot the Zombirds

Ever wish you could take aim at the sky and take down hordes of undead birds? Now you can on your Apple TV with Shoot the Zombirds.

Lumino City is a captivating puzzle adventure

Lumino City is one of the most unique games you'll play this year.

Start anew in the puzzling Forgotten Forest: Afterlife

Forgotten Forest: Afterlife is a new match-three that is unlike anything you've tried before.

Stay, Mum is an endearing and heartfelt puzzle game

Stay, Mum is a gorgeous new puzzle game from Lucid Labs that many people can relate to.

Are you skilled enough to survive when it's Almost Impossible?

You're going to need your best skills to survive in this new platformer from a developer at Realmac Software.

Join colors together in Pokaboo, a charming puzzler

Pokaboo is a fun little puzzle game to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Match to survive a zombie apocalypse in Zombie Match Defense

Zombie Match Defense is a tasty hybrid treat for your iOS device just in time for Halloween.