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Christine Chan

I'm a journalism graduate from CSULB and the managing editor here at AppAdvice. I'm a techie with a strong passion for Apple products. I'm always knee-deep in the iTunes App Store, looking for the latest and greatest apps to write about here at AppAdvice. Contact:
Latest from Christine

Quickly tilt your way to collect blue in Abzorb

You have to be fast and skilled to absorb all of the blue color in this hectic arcade game.

Prove your worthiness by restoring balance in Shadow Blade: Reload

Shadow Blade: Reload is the action-packed ninja platformer that will keep you busy throughout the weekend.

Explore the elements of life in _PRISM

It's time to unwind with the soothing yet challenging puzzles of _PRISM.

Track your current and future favorite spots with Placeboard

Easily organize and keep track of your favorite spots and future places to visit with this sleek app.

Get Away and unwind to peaceful nature sounds

The latest app from Taptanium takes you Away from reality and into a beautiful, lush forest.

Plant those bombs and blow away your foes in Ninja Boy Adventures

Get your fix of Bomberman in this amazing homage game.

Rainmaker - The Beautiful Flood is a puzzle game about rainfall

Unravel the secrets behind a mysterious rainfall in this gorgeous and charming puzzle game.

Help Greg the Chameleon reach the popcorn in Pull My Tongue

Get ready for crazy tongue-physics in this cute and charming new puzzle game.

Day One 2 brings an even more streamlined journaling experience

Day One 2 is everyone's favorite journaling app rebuilt from the ground-up.

Explore, uncover secrets and blow up foes in Space Grunts

Orangepixel is back at it again with the action-packed, turn-based Space Grunts.

Airmail is a powerful email client that jumped from Mac to iPhone

Airmail is the email app you are looking for.

Get in touch with your spirit animal in Infinite Skater

Get in touch with your wild side with this new infinite runner game from Space Inch.

Unravel tiles to create paths in Twofold Inc., a charming puzzler

The guys behind rymdkapsel are back at it again with a challenging new puzzle game.

Quench your thirst of puzzle games with Open Bar

Love puzzles and tasty cocktail drinks? Then this is the perfect game for you.

Guide water with wind to restore nature in Baum

Baum is a gorgeous physics-based puzzle game with a few flaws.

Crashlands is one sassy and insanely good crafting RPG

It's hard to resist the charm of this must-have crafting RPG, even if you aren't usually a crafting game fan.

Tap, explore, and fight your way through Dungelot: Shattered Lands

After a long wait, Dungelot: Shattered Lands is finally here.

Try your luck in the challenging Tower of Fortune 3

Tower of Fortune 3 has landed, but how does it compare to the previous two games?

Explore the galaxy and save the sun in Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure

Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure is a fantastic platforming adventure that should not be missed.

Swapperoo is a sentient match-three unlike anything you've played before

Swapperoo from Fallen Tree Games is a match-three puzzler that breathes new life into the classic formula.

Enjoy Mega Man-inspired platforming action in Venture Kid

It's up to you to save the world in Venture Kid, a retro platformer inspired by the likes of Mega Man.

Can you find your way out of the asteroid maze in Captain Cowboy?

Don't let greed get the best of you as you try and find your way out of a labyrinth in Captain Cowboy.

Quickly manage your contacts with Interact from Agile Tortoise

Agile Tortoise's latest app will help you tidy up that address book.

The first rule of Punch Club is don't talk about Punch Club

Punch faces in and fight bears and alligators in Punch Club, the new fighting simulation RPG from TinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games.