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Ed Engstrom

Just another blogger. Follow me on Twitter for random banter and an all around good time.
Latest from Ed

New AppGuide: Sync Facebook Contact Info To Your iPhone

Facebook to iPhone Contact syncing made easy.

It's Gametime, Are You Prepared? New NFL Applist

You smell that? Locker rooms, Nachos and Beer. Must be an NFL AppList.

Looking For A Job? - New Applist: Apps for Job Hunting

If you find yourself braving the waters of unemployment looking for the lighthouse of a perfect job for you, this applist is your dry land.

AppGuide: Free, Unlimited Texting on your iPhone

Free and Unlimited text messaging is not a dream, its an app. Read my picks for the top ways to get it done on the iPhone.

AppGuide: Multi-Player First Person Shooters

Lock 'n Load and see which iPhone shooters ranked in the top, and which ones you can actually skip to go get that "McDonald's value meal" instead in our newest Appguide for Multi-Player First Person Shooters.

Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 copies of FlickTunes

Giveaway: Need a music player on your iPhone thats controlled by gestures? Win 1 of 3 copies of FlickTunes if you're witty enough.

Apps to help you keep track of your DVDs

Do you have a lot of DVDs? Have any interest in keeping them and not spending good money on a THIRD copy of your favorite vampire movie? If your answer was yes... No need to worry, there is help.

New AppList: Sail Away With These Apps

No, you're not a pirate... however, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be thinking like one the next time you board a ship.

New Applist: Apps to DIY

Do you know how many gallons of paint it will take to paint your 3 rooms? Do you know how to fix that "broken" tv? How about how to cook a perfect pan of lasagna? No matter what it is, this list will help you do it, and do it right.

New Applist: Apps For Renters

Currently renting? About to? Let your iPhone help.

Apps for Stalking Apple

I know what your thinking... "I already read all the news about Apple... BUT I WANT MORE!" Well, you crazed iJunkie, I've got your fix right here.

Apps for Roadtrips

Traffic never felt so sweet with our newest applist to help make your next roadtrip's drive just as enjoyable as the stay.

Apps for Fire Fighters

"Is there an app to check the ERG for this spill?!" If you know what that means, you're in the right place. And yes, there is of course an app for that.

Apps For Dating On The iPhone

Tired of the same old people at the local watering hole? Ready to expand your horizons and see what all the fuss is about in the online dating market? Here I give you the best options available at your disposal.

Apps To Control Your Music While Driving

Work is over and its time for the long drive home. Here's some Apps to make the drive manageable with your favorite music, while also keeping your eyes on the road.