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It's Gametime, Are You Prepared? New NFL Applist

It's Gametime, Are You Prepared? New NFL Applist

September 4, 2010

It's getting closer and closer to September. It's getting cold enough to shut your windows at night here in the North East, Jerseys are flying off the shelves for rookies barely heard of and people are getting so desperate for their highlight reel fix they throwing pre-season parties (I swear, I only threw a little one). What is coming you ask? The NFL. It's football time here in the states and what better way for AppAdvice to kick it off with you then to throw out a new Applist of essentials you are going to need to keep up with the bombardment of news and stats that will be coming your way. (Note there are plenty of NFL "News Apps" for each team, most of which are just ploys to take your money. If I get enough comment love on this List maybe, just maybe I'll make a guide for people looking for NFL Official Team Apps. Show your love in the comments below and make sure to tell us your favorite team!)

Apps for the NFL

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