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Joe White

Joe is based in the United Kingdom and covers industry news here at AppAdvice. Contact: joe [at] appadvice [dot] com.
Latest from Joe

It's a rocky road in Rock(s) Rider HD for iOS

Get riding (and griding!) in Rock(s) Rider - HD Edition, a brand new biking game for iOS.

Let Tripomatic plan your next trip, and never miss the sights again

Tripomatic promises to be the perfect travel companion for iOS device owners.

KGI: 'iPhone 6s' to feature 5MP front-facing camera, but no sapphire lens

KGI Securities is out with a new report on Apple's long anticipated "iPhone 6s" handset.

OhTell's iOS app could help you find your next dream hotel

Find your dream 'otel with OhTell for Apple's iPhone.

Get trading: BitGold has launched an app for iOS devices

You can now trade gold directly on your iPhone handset.

Meet Google's slimmer, sleeker third-gen Nest thermostat

The Google-owned Nest Learning Thermostat is now available in its third-generation iteration.

Apple took on Amazon in a bidding war for 'Top Gear' stars

Did Apple miss a trick letting Amazon pay millions for the "Top Gear" trio?

Nomad's Roadtrip is a 3,000 mAh battery designed for the car

On the hunt for a new adapter for your car? Nomad's new product is worth checking out.

LG's gold-plated Urbane Luxe smartwatch is priced at just $1,200

LG's own luxury Android Wear smartwatch costs a fraction of the price of the Apple Watch Edition.

Apple's latest hire could point to an upcoming augmented reality product

Apple has poached an AR audio expert from Microsoft. But what could this mean?

Apple's next Apple TV priced at under $200, launching in October

More information concerning Cupertino's next-generation Apple TV has surfaced online.

Apple Watch is coming to UK's Currys and PC World

Another retailer is about to start selling Cupertino's Apple Watch.

YouHue: a colorful social mood tracker for Apple's iOS

For Facebook friends, YouHue provides a new way of asking, "How are you?"

Explore an immersive world with Discovery VR for iOS

Discovery VR can bring a dash of virtual reality to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Apple's PayAnywhere partnership brings Apple Pay to 300,000 new locations

Apple Pay is coming to even more U.S. locations thanks to a recent deal with PayAnywhere.

Beats 1 boss Ian Rogers has left Apple

A key Apple Music executive is leaving Cupertino.

Apple is bringing Watch-style 'Motion' wallpapers to its 'iPhone 6s'

It looks like Apple's new handsets could sport some swanky moving wallpapers.

Meet Square Appointments: your business's new receptionist

Tell your receptionist to watch out: Square Appointments is gunning for the job.

IDC estimates Q2 2015 Apple Watch sales of 3.6 million

Sales for the Apple Watch could be a lot higher than anyone has so far anticipated.

Force Touch gestures discovered in iOS 9; 'iPhone 6s' packaging surfaces

Here are two pieces of interesting information concerning Apple's "iPhone 6s" handset.

Grab your skates: Ski Safari 2 lands on iOS

Ski Safari 2 is here, and it promises a endless ski experience that's better than ever.

Scanbot 4 reinvents the best mobile scanner for iOS

The best iOS scanner app is now better than ever.

Divvi: because friends are more reliable than ads

Divvi offers a better way to find new products and brands.

Etsy for iOS now alerts you when 'local' sellers are nearby

Connect with nearby sellers using Etsy Local on iOS.