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Joe is based in the United Kingdom and covers industry news here at AppAdvice. Contact: joe [at] appadvice [dot] com.
Latest from Joe

Guess What? Developer Ports Windows 95 to an Apple Watch

It's finally happened: Windows 95 has been ported to run on an Apple Watch.

Apple Launches Redesigned Official Apple Support Website

The Official Apple Support website has a new look and some new features.

Apple's CareKit Launches in Four Brand New Apps

Apple's CareKit framework is now out there in the wild.

Here's a List of Everything That's Annoying About Apple

Do you agree with anything or everything on this list?

New Push on Services Could Counter Apple's Unimpressive iPhone Sales

Apple's services business could be the answer to lost revenue from falling iPhone sales.

Traditional Nintendo Games Are Coming Soon to the App Store

Nintendo is bringing a couple of old favorites to the App Store in the near future.

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program Is Now Available Online

You can indeed order a handset using the iPhone Upgrade Program online from Apple's website.

Google Hangouts Gets Updated to Bring Share Extension, Low Power Mode

Google has sent out a great update for its Hangouts app.

The Creator of The Walking Dead Can't Wait for Season 3 of Telltale's Game

The next season of Telltale's The Walking Dead could be the best yet.

Apple's Latest Ads Showcase iPhone's 4K Video Capture, Touch ID

Apple is hoping to sell a few more iPhone 6s handsets before the "iPhone 7" arrives.

Toca Boca's Acquisition Will See Subscription Video and Toys Launch

The popular children's developer Toca Boca has some exciting news.

Spotify Faces Security Meltdown as Countless Account Details Appear Online

If you're a Spotify user, you'd better check your account isn't acting up.

Microsoft's Second iOS Keyboard Makes One-Handed Typing Easy

Microsoft is back with another third-party keyboard for iOS.

Surprise: New iPhones Aren't Selling as Well as Last Year's Models

Here's the real reason Apple's iPhone handsets aren't doing as well as we might have hoped.

An Untethered Apple Watch Would Be a Smart Move

This feature could turn the second-generation Apple Watch into a top-seller.

Apple Could Be the Worst-Performing Top 5 Smartphone Brand This Year

Ming-Chi Kuo isn't exactly confident about Apple's iPhone shipments for 2016.

The First Apple Stores in India Could Gain Approval and Launch Soon

Apple retail stores could be heading to India in the not-too-distant future.

New York Drug Case iPhone Gets Unlocked Without Apple's Help

Apple has managed to get out of unlocking an iPhone in another high-profile case.

The WWDC 2016 Ticket Lottery Has Closed

Have you received an email from Apple this weekend?

All New Apple Watch Apps Must Be Native Starting June 1

The move should improve the Apple Watch experience for users.

China Bans Apple's iBookstore and iTunes Movies

China dealt Apple a heavy blow late Thursday night.

Best Buy Offers a Nice Apple Watch Discount for the Weekend

There's never been a better time to pick up an Apple Watch.

Hesperus could be the HomeKit app you've been waiting for

Hesperus is a smart iOS app for all your HomeKit appliances.

The 'Apple Car' Hiring Spree Continues

Here's more evidence Apple is working on a vehicle of its own.