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Joe Wright is based in the United Kingdom and covers industry news here at AppAdvice. Contact: joe [at] appadvice [dot] com.
Latest from Joe

Apple's Abandonment of the Audio Jack Is Long, Long Overdue

It's about time Apple ditched the audio port on its products.

In iOS 10, You Can Prioritize App Downloads Following iCloud Backup

Apple's iOS 10 should make iCloud Backup less of a headache.

Flurry of iPhone Upgrades Could Boost Apple Stock

Could it be upgrades which save Apple stock, rather than the iPhone 7?

Characters From 'Family Guy', 'Futurama' Feature in New Game

Peter Griffin is on his way to the App Store, and he's bringing some friends.

That Blue iPhone Could Actually Be Dark Space Gray

It's all a storm in a teacup, this one.

BitTorrent Now Launches for iOS, Apple TV

BitTorrent Now is an interesting new application that's launching later today.

This Latest 'iPhone 7' Knockoff Is Another Disappointing Handset

Don't hold your breath for an exciting new iPhone in September. No, really.

Firm in iPhone 6 Patent Dispute Looks Set to Close Its Doors

Apple might not be heading to court due to that iPhone 6 patent dispute, after all.

Apple's HomeKit Is Closing in on the Home Automation Market

Apple announced some great changes to its HomeKit platform at WWDC.

It Could Be Worth Waiting for Next Year's iPhone After All

Apple could be about to change its iPhone release cycle.

Meet Pearl RearVision: A Backup Camera Designed by Ex-Apple Employees

We might not have an Apple Car (yet), but three ex-Apple engineers are hoping to improve the car you already own.

This New Supreme Court Ruling Makes It Easier to Defeat Patent Trolls

It looks like the days of the infamous patent troll could be numbered.

Watch Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi Talk Post-WWDC With John Gruber

Need more Federighi in your life? Check out the video of John Gruber's live episode of The Talk Show.

Could the 'iPhone 7' Feature a Touch-Sensitive Home Button?

This could be one iPhone 7 feature we haven't heard about yet.

Apple Has Made Some iPad Pro Optimizations in iOS 10

It looks like iOS 10 has made some small changes for 12.9-inch iPad Pro users.

Op-Ed on WWDC 2016: What We Got, and What We're Still Missing

Let's take a look back at the keynote that was, and everything Apple announced -- and didn't.

Apple Announces Big Changes to Apple Music at WWDC

The audience didn't want to rap along, though.

Siri Hints at Dark Mode for iOS 10, Too

Siri might have just given something else away about iOS 10.

Meet Apple's Youngest WWDC Attendee: A Nine-Year-Old Girl

This seven-year-old has done a lot. And now she's off to San Francisco to meet Tim Cook.