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Joe Wright is based in the United Kingdom and covers industry news here at AppAdvice. Contact: joe [at] appadvice [dot] com.
Latest from Joe

Apple Is Investigating Charging Stations for Its Rumored Electric Car

Here's more evidence Apple is actively developing a so-called "Apple Car."

Amazon Is No Longer Protecting Customers From After-Purchase Price Drops

Amazon customers will likely be upset upon hearing this news.

Apple TV's Universal Search Adds NBC in the United States

The Apple TV's universal search feature is now better than ever.

Apple Isn't Going to Become a Carrier After All

Don't expect Apple to launch its own carrier anytime soon.

Pebble Unveils 3 Brand New Products for Kickstarter

Could Pebble steal some of Apple's thunder with its new wearable devices?

Apple Has Ordered a Lot More 'iPhone 7' Handsets Than Expected

Apple is said to have ordered between 72 and 78 million iPhone handsets -- a lot more than analysts had expected.

Despite a Growing Market, Apple Is Losing Smartphone Market Share

It's definitely not been a great start to the year for Apple.

Guess Where the Cheapest Place on Earth to Buy an iPhone Is

Don't lose your iPhone in any of these countries, one analyst warns.

We're One Step Closer to the Dream of a Touch ID Display

Touch ID could indeed be coming to an iPhone display near you.

MCX Is Halting CurrentC Rollout Amid Apple Pay Success

Apple Pay now has one less rival in the mobile payments sphere.

Apple Suppliers' Hiring Spree Could Point to Big Changes for 'iPhone 7'

Apple's next-generation iPhone could launch with a brand new design after all.

An OLED iPhone Could Be With Us as Soon as 2018

Apple's "iPhone 8" could launch with an impressive OLED screen.

If True, This Is the Best 'iPhone 7' Casing Leak Yet

Apple's next-generation handset could launch with one potentially-significant hardware change.

Design Hunt for iOS Is Now Better Than Ever

Interested in product design? Then Design Hunt, a recently updated app, is for you.

It'll Soon Be a Lot Easier to Watch Netflix Across Europe

Here's hoping EU ministers indeed give the proposal the green light later this month.

Another Big Investor Has Sold His Apple Stock

The move comes after Carl Icahn sold his stake in Apple.

Kia's 2017 Sorento Is Its First Model to Ship With CarPlay Support

Apple's CarPlay is featuring in a handful of new Kia models.

British Driving License Is Heading to Apple's Wallet App

In Britain, it could be you'll soon be able to add your driving license into the Wallet app.

Apple Confirms Apple Music Deletion Bug, Says a Fix Is Incoming

Is Apple Music deleting tracks off your hard drive?

Sprint Customers Can Get Free Amazon Prime for 12 Months

This latest deal could score Sprint interest from prospective customers.

Long Hat House's Dandara Is One to Watch out For

On the hunt for a new, fun iOS game? Dandara is one to watch out for.

Apple Has Shortened App Review Times

It's now taking just a couple of days for apps to get past the App Store review team.

Apple Can't Recover iPhone Data for Missing Teen Boaters

It's bad news for the families of the two missing teen boaters.