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Joe White

Joe is based in the United Kingdom and covers industry news here at AppAdvice. Contact: joe [at] appadvice [dot] com.
Latest from Joe

Shuffle Islands' latest ad stars none other than Kate Upton

Will the Upton effect work for popular iOS puzzler Shuffle Islands?

Be a wolf of Wall Street with SPARK for iOS

Hungry like the wolf for stocks and shares? SPARK can help.

Banish EU cookie banners with Mr. Crumble's content blocker

Mr. Crumble is a new kind of content blocker for Apple's iOS devices.

Graphic for iPad gets split-screen support, adds iOS 9 optimization

Drawing on your iPad has never been easier thanks to Graphic 3.0.0.

Bluetooth 4.2 support comes to iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPad Air 2

Apple seems to have silently updated the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2's support for Bluetooth.

AdBlockX, an all-new content blocker for iOS 9, is available now

AdBlockX is a new app in a long line of content blockers, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored.

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land breaks onto the App Store

Take down those walkers in The Walking Dead: No Man's Land for iOS.

Amazon's latest Kindle update makes Audible integration even better

Amazon's Kindle iOS app now handles Audible audiobooks far better thanks to a new update.

Incipio launches ClamCase Pro Gold for Apple's iPad Air 2

The ClamCase Pro can now be enjoyed in a beautiful gold color tone.

Danny Boyle's 'Steve Jobs' showcases an evolution of cinematography

Danny Boyle's "Steve Jobs" looks to be a true piece of cinematographic art.

Facebook testing new app layout featuring profile videos and more

Facebook's iOS app is about to get some snazzy new features.

Dead Drop Blues: an iOS puzzler that'll get you thinking

Dead Drop Blues for iOS could be your new favorite mystery puzzler.

The Martian: Bring Him Home offers sci-fi gaming for iOS and Apple Watch

Help this stranded-on-Mars astronaut using your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

New API will allow more content to feature in Apple TV's universal search

Here's another reason to pick up the new Apple TV once it launches.

Steller, the storytelling iOS app, gets revamped Explore page and more

Steller is now better than ever thanks to a recently released update.

Apple launches new dev kits for its upcoming Apple TV

Developers can now get their code-writing hands on Apple's all-new Apple TV.

Nest challenges Apple's HomeKit, makes Weave open to devs

Nest's home automation platform is growing thanks to the expanded availability of Nest Weave.

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program is proving popular among users

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program will be used by around 20 percent of upgraders, according to recent data.

Feel the vibe? Vibe Tickets for iOS is coming soon and sounds great

Vibe Tickets hopes to take some of the pain out of purchasing tickets for music concerts.

Huge content update reaches 80 Days, the Verne-inspired iOS game

Explore new corners of the globe in the updated 80 Days for iOS.

Google takes on Apple TV with revamped Chromecast 2.0

Google has just introduced Chromecast 2.0: its new HDMI dongle.

SmartPlate offers on-demand iOS-powered meal analysis

SmartPlate could be your new personal nutritionist.

Recent News: a smart, fast news-reader for your iOS device

Recent News could be your new favorite news-reader for iOS.