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Joe White

Joe is based in the United Kingdom and covers industry news here at AppAdvice. Contact: joe [at] appadvice [dot] com.
Latest from Joe

Latest Apple patent lets your iPhone detect gloved fingers

It could be that our future iPhones will be able to tell if an owner is wearing a pair of gloves.

How often do you glance at your Apple Watch?

In two recently published studies, Apple Watch usage has been closely examined.

Apple's iPhones to feature OLED displays from 2018

It looks like Apple could be introducing a new display technology to its iPhone in 2018.

Apple publishes a Christmas ad featuring Stevie Wonder and Andra Day

Here's a new Christmas ad, from Apple's family to yours.

Disney launches DisneyLife, a UK-exclusive online streaming service

DisneyLife is bringing Disney's film catalog to the Internet for a monthly fee.

Fossil takes on Apple, launches its own Android Wear smart watch

Fossil's Q Founder might look great, but it's nevertheless still another Android Wear-powered smart watch.

Review: Give your iPhone a boost with TaoTronics' Bluetooth speaker

On the hunt for a new Bluetooth speaker? TaoTronics' device could be of interest.

Best Buy has knocked $100 off the Apple Watch in pre-Black Friday deal

Best Buy's Early Access sale is knocking cash off both the Apple Watch and the iPad Air 2.

Pebble Time adds support for iOS texts on AT&T's network

Pebble is taking on the Apple Watch through the launch of a brand new feature.

OneDrive's latest update brings 3D Touch support, scoped folder search

Microsoft's latest update for OneDrive adds new features and brings an old one back.

Start the day by expanding your mind with Highbrow

Highbrow brain training aims to become an integral part of your daily routine.

Square launches an Apple Pay-compatible NFC reader

Square is now addressing NFC with its latest reader for merchants.

MasterCard is offering Apple Pay users free public transport in London

Londoners can get free transport on the Underground (and more) provided they use their MasterCard with Apple Pay.

Got an iPad Pro? Check out this MFi-compatible games catalog

AfterPad's MFi-compatible games catalog is something iPad Pro owners should bookmark.

WWE SuperCard's second season adds a ton of new content

Season two of WWE SuperCard is here for wresting-loving iOS device owners to enjoy.

Ticket to Ride goes 2.0, adds cross-platform gaming and more

Days of Wonder's Ticket to Ride has received a bunch of new features in its 2.0 update.

Winter is coming as Cartoon Survivor goes to the Ice Age in latest update

Grab your scarf and middens: Cartoon Survivor is heading to the Ice Age.

Sidefari lets iPad owners display two Safari Web pages side-by-side

Sidefari is a Safari-enhancing iPad app that we're really pleased to see launch.

Apple is working on an iOS app for troubleshooting device problems

Apple is aiming to make the process of securing an iOS device repair a lot easier.

Nearly two-thirds of the US's 100 million iPhones are 6 or 6s handsets

Apple's newer iPhone handsets are impressively popular among iPhone owners in the United States.

Review: Olixar offers a stylish, inexpensive bamboo Apple Watch dock

Olixar's bamboo Apple Watch dock is a great accessory that will suit your device well.

Adobe's Revel, formerly Carousel, will soon be no more

Adobe has some bad news for Revel users. The transition to Lightroom isn't imminent, but it's coming.

Nuzzel 2.0 for Twitter adds smart feeds, revamped search and more

Catch up on the news you care about most with Nuzzel 2.0.

Apple Watch drives decline in Swiss watch exports

The Swiss watch industry really is suffering, and the Apple Watch isn't helping.