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Scott Woodson

Latest from Scott

Review: Splinter Cell Conviction HD – Getcha Sneak On

Splinter Cell: Conviction takes you on a stealth driven quest for justice around the world as Sam Fisher, weaving you through the shadows and providing you with tons of challenging objectives. Use your creativity to wipe out enemies any way you can along the way.

Review: Blancspot – An Artsy Approach To Feeding You News

Blancspot brings you relevant, up-to-date news by slowly scrolling through headlines with crisp, hi-def pictures backgrounded with soft, relaxing tunes. Share all of the news stories you find intriguing with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

Review: Gangstar: West Coast Hustle

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle is a colorful and feature packed game that will take you on a shameless crime-infused journey around a gorgeous landscape with your wheels a-spinnin' and guns a-blazin'.

Review: Super 7 - Welcome to 7th Heaven

Super 7 is a casual, numbers based game, which requires you to add floating hexagonal numbers up to 7 by drawing connecting lines with your finger. The game is endless, however becomes increasingly more difficult the longer you play.