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Review: Super 7 - Welcome to 7th Heaven

Review: Super 7 - Welcome to 7th Heaven

August 17, 2010


The concept of the game is simple. Draw lines between floating single digit integers until they add up to seven. Sounds easy right? Think again. Gradually the numbers will become more difficult to work with as multipliers, dividers and negatives are thrown into the mix, effectively turning your brain into tapioca by the time your game is over.

The experience begins slowly (enter: fast-forward button) but before long your screen space is consumed by a numerical infestation and you're taunted with soothing, peaceful sound effects as you frantically add up your 7's like a madman.


Super 7 has more to offer than just its frantically enjoyable gameplay. It also boasts plethora of tough-but-manageable achievements which, if you're anything like me, will become the most important things in your life until they're completed.

As if that isn’t enough, the game is also Openfeint integrated, which allows you to stay competitive and reminds you that no matter how long you play and how good you think you are, there are still a few thousand people worldwide pwning you into the dirt.

The Breakdown

The Good

In the sea of numbers games that the app store offers, Super 7 stands out as one that will have you seeing numbers in your sleep and its magnetizing allure will keep you coming back time and again. Dev team No Monkeys has really outdone themselves here, giving you a beautiful and addicting experience at a remarkably affordable price point.

This app is polished from head to toe, and you can tell they spent their precious time on this one. Smooth graphics, soft and airy sound effects and increasingly difficult gameplay make this one of the biggest can’t-put-it-down titles to hit the App Store to date. Topping off the gameplay itself, No Monkeys tossed in some great aforementioned achievements that might just keep you up all night.

The Bad

The one gripe I have about this game is that there is only one mode of gameplay. This doesn’t bum me out too much though because the one mode that there is totally rocks. I will also point out that it is much more enjoyable to play on the iPad. The iPhone version is still loads of fun but the screen is just a little too small for a game like this. The iPad provides a gorgeous HD experience that you don't want to miss.

The Verdict

While lacking in the variety department, Super 7 manages to provide its players with a toe-curling, brain-tangling hi-def experience that will sink its hooks into you and won't let go. I simply could not put it down.  With an AppAdvice rating of 4.5, Super 7 is a must buy, and with a 99 cent price tag for both versions, do yourself a favor and grab this game. Besides, you can afford a 99 cent game, can't you?

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