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best iphone games

Simon Says Think Fast: SwipeTapTap - And A Chance To Win A Copy With A Comment!

SwipeTapTap is part Simon says, part Fruit Ninja, part Bop It! But it's also a one of a kind game. It is climbing the App Store charts rapidly and getting a lot of buzz, but does it live up to the hype? We're also giving away promo codes to win a free copy!

The iPhone Game Of The Year And The Top 5 iPhone Games Of 2010

We pick our iPhone Game of The Year for 2010, as well as four others for our Top 5 games of the year. What a year for iPhone gaming, and now it's time to find out which games are the most amazing.

The Very Best iPhone Games Of 2010

We've taken the thousands of awesome iPhone games released in 2010 and narrowed them down to the 58 very best. What games made the list? What was left out? Click to find out!