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AremaC Offers A Variety Of Filters And Lets You Design Your Own

This photography app has something for photographers of all levels.

Modern Grunge Lets You Really Grunge Up Your Photos

Can't get enough of the retro photo trend?

CamCam Brings Retro Filters And Effects to Your Photos And Videos

If you enjoy apps like Hipstamatic, you’ll find a lot to love in this app. But CamCam actually takes still photos AND video with the same fun retro filter effects.

AppList Updated: Apps For Videographers

Both the iPhone and the latest iPod touch have great little video cameras on board. There are many apps out there to enhance the iDevice videography experience. Edit video right on your iDevice with professional looking results. Get creative with special effects, vintage video or stop motion video. You can even pull still photos from video you have shot. Read on for some of the best and most interesting ones we have found.

Make Your Photos Hipper With Pixlr-o-matic

Check out this Universal retro photo filter and effect app. It's the sort of app I'd shell out a couple of bucks for, but guess what: you don't have to!