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AremaC Offers A Variety Of Filters And Lets You Design Your Own

AremaC Offers A Variety Of Filters And Lets You Design Your Own

January 31, 2012
aremaC by Dominik Seibold icon

aremaC ($0.99) by Dominik Seibold is an effects app that goes a lot deeper than most. Beginners can use the stock effects. Intermediate users can download more effects from an extensive crowdsourced online library, for free. Advanced users can create new effects, in astounding detail, and add it to the online library for others to use.

aremaC by Dominik Seibold screenshot

If you’re not looking for complex photo editing maneuvers, simply tap the book icon at the bottom to bring up the stock effects. Choose a photo from your photo library and tap an effect to add it. Or choose an effect first and start shooting with the effects applied live. There aren’t a ton of these to start, just Invert, Rainbowed, River, Warhol, and Small World.

The next step would be to check out the online library of filters/effects; simply tap the “Online Library” icon to access them. You’ll need to sign up for a free account in order to access these. The “nickname” you choose will be your name attached any filters you may create. Here you’ll find categories such as Lomography, Vintage, Avant-garde, Special Effects, Video, Art, Simulation, and lots more. Find an effect you like? Tap “Use” to add it to your list of stock effects available within the app. Each effect has the creator’s name at the bottom. Tap that name to bring up a list of all the effects that person has created. You can also sort these filters by popularity or newest added.

If you are interested in creating your own effects, I’d strongly recommend that you watch all of the videos in the help section of the app. To be honest, the effect creation is really beyond my abilities, but I mention it because AremaC really is an impressive app in terms of setting your creativity free from limitations. If you’ve thought of an effect you wish existed, you’ll probably be able to create it here. One of the videos in the app even explains how to create a green screen effect; as seen here in the photos of Jessica Alba. Once you create your own preset, you can share it to the online library with your name and the title you wish to give it.

Whether you like simple photography apps where you can add cool filters and effects with a tap, or whether you like to create your own with professional-level tools and share your presets with the community, there is something for everyone in AremaC.

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