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Did Jimmy Iovine hint at incoming Apple TV curation?

Jimmy Iovine, the man behind Apple Music, hinted at the launch of a TV curation service from Apple recently.

Op-Ed: 5 products that need Apple's attention in 2015

It was a great year for Apple. For it to succeed in 2015, Apple needs to address these five products.

Carl Icahn makes a strong case for an UltraHD Apple 'iTV'

The activist Apple investor has some strong words for Tim Cook.

Apple PR saves Tim Cook from discussing 'iTV'

Did Tim Cook just suggest the "iTV" is coming?

AppAdvice Daily: Apple has officially announced its special event is on Sept. 9

It's official, we have a date for the next Apple event, and we'll be there live to cover every minute.

Sony Takes Aim At The Apple TV, Announces Its Own $99 PlayStation TV Set

Sony's PlayStation TV could pose a real threat to Cupertino's similar-priced Apple TV.

Dish Network's Plans For Web Television Won't Change Anything

Dish Network would like to begin offering a Web TV bundle later this year.

Apple Has Sold 20 Million Apple TVs To Date

Tim Cook provided a rare insight into Apple TV sales during his recent financial results conference call.

Gene Munster Demands Apple TV Revamp Following fireTV Announcement

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster has once again called for an Apple TV upgrade.

Amazon Unveils Its fireTV Featuring Voice Search, Games And More

Amazon has taken the lid off its Apple TV-competing set-top box, which it's calling "fireTV."

The Apple TV Meets Google's Chromecast In This 'Apple TV Air' Concept

This latest Apple TV concept imagines what would happen if Apple's set-top box took inspiration from Google's Chromecast.

New College Sports Apple TV Channel Launches From ACC, Campus Insiders

Apple TV users can now enjoy viewing college sport using the new ACC Sports channel.

Notifications Appearing On Apple TVs Ahead Of Anticipated Refresh

Apple appears to be testing or even rolling out a new notification system for Apple TVs.

Another Nail In The Coffin For Apple’s ‘iTV’

The TV set market continues to decline.

What's Next For The Apple TV?

What do you think Cupertino should do with the Apple TV?

Apple Pushing Ahead With 'Less Ambitious' TV Service, Report Claims

Apple is planning a new TV service, albeit one that's "less ambitious" than originally envisaged.

New Apple Job Listing Hints At 'New Platforms'

Apple is looking for someone to work on "new platforms as of now unannounced."

Check Out This Curved, iOS 7-Inspired Apple HDTV Concept

One new Apple HDTV concept combines the best ideas from two popular concept designers.

Regular Software Updates Have Helped Fuel Apple TV's Sales Growth

The Apple TV has grown in popularity during the last year.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Apple's Catwalk And The New iPad mini

The new iPad mini finally made its debut this week. This was not the only Apple news during the week that was.

Ming-Chi Kuo Predicts A7-Powered Apple TV In 2014, HDTV Set In 2015

Could an Apple-designed TV set still be a couple of years off?

Wearable Devices, Not The 'iTV' Are In Apple's Immediate Future

Content providers apparently put a fork in Apple's "iTV."

Apple Probably Needs An Entirely New Product For Retail Traffic To Increase

Millions of people visit Apple retail stores each year. Unfortunately, that number has remained flat for a while now.