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Poets will be inspired by these useful iPhone and iPad apps

Get inspired to write creative poetry.

Pocket Poet: Become A True Wordsmith

Pocket Poet will create perfect poems for those special moments. Give the gift of a poem and watch your loved ones smile brightly.

New AppList: Apps For Poets

Poets may quickly fall in love with their iPhones and iPads through a number of fantastic apps. What kind of apps are there? Well, there are apps for reading poetry, writing poetry, jotting down snippets and ideas, recording poetry, and everything in between. The iPhone and iPad have become the solution for the modern day poet. These apps are for those that love the artistry of words. Let us walk you through the top apps for the poets out there.

Prose With Bros Is Pro Like Whoa, Bro

"Prose With Bros" is a dynamic word game with humor and style.