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Hippity hop through the seasons as a Doodle Rabbit

Jump over obstacles and collect the carrots in this cute, new adventure.

Escape the evil mines in the underwater adventure Busy Suby

Get busy and move that submarine in this new Flappy Bird style challenge.

Get your beloved home back in Blown Away: Secret of the Wind

Keep your feet on the ground and charge your battery in order to teleport your way through this new, unique adventure.

Guide The Migrating Butterflies To Freedom In Flutter, A Side-Scrolling Color Matcher

Relax and guide the butterflies in this soothing color matching game.

Use Your Ninja Skills To Hack-N-Slash Your Way Through Nakama

Crescent Moon's latest game will keep you entertained for hours with beautiful visuals and challenging beat-em-up gameplay.

Nuclear Outrun Is A Different Kind Of Apocalyptic Endless Runner

Make the most of a dire situation in this challenging new runner.

Headed to Comic-Con? This Star Stalker Game Will Keep You Occupied While In Line

Chase down comic book celebrities in this witty endless runner game.

Live Your Dream Of Steering A Submarine And Dive For Treasures

It's time to make haste and find the hidden treasures before the pirates do in Dive for Treasures!

Help Incredible Jack Rescue His Family Before The Evil Demons Destroy Them

Jump, slide, and maneuver through ice, sand, and jungles in this side-scrolling platform game.

Dash & Bash Will Scroll Its Way Into The App Store Later This Week

The universal title is looking to bring an interesting take to the side-scrolling racing game.

Watch Out For Spinning Saws And Exploding Mines In The Badland

Collect clones and get to the exit without leaving anyone behind in this side-scrolling platformer game.

Duke Nukem 2 For iOS, Just As Good As It Was For DOS

Grab your flamethrower and bubble gum, because this muscle man is ready to blow doors down.

Now You Can Live The Life Of Joe Danger On Your iOS Device

Yes, now you can put on Joe Danger's cape and be the world's best stuntman, right on your iPhone or iPad.

Race Against The Fastest Jet Trains In The World

Avenge your father’s death in this side-scrolling racing adventure for the iPad.

Steve Wozniak And Danny Trejo Want Vengeance In Woz With A Coz

Now you can be the great and powerful Woz in his first game, starring alongside Danny Trejo.

Get Ready For Mayhem As You Storm The Train

Helicopters, trains, explosions — this game has it all. Prepare for one adrenaline-filled adventure with the latest from Chillingo.

X WaterMan Tries To Be Super Mario Bros. But Those Are Big Shoes To Fill

Take on the enemies of X World in this side-scrolling platform game.

Free The Round People From Enslavement By The Squares

Roll your way to freedom in this side-scrolling platform game.

No Bullies Allowed In Wimp: Who Stole My Panties HD

Help a giggling blob find his panties before the blue bullies do in this side-scrolling puzzle adventure.

God of Blades Brings Classic Fantasy Fiction To The App Store

Defend humanity against the forces of evil in this universal side-scrolling swipe controller game.

Wawa Land Pays Respect To The Master Without Being A Clone

This side-scrolling platform adventure is just like the classics, but with better graphics. You may be collecting coins and squishing enemies, but it is no copycat game.

Super Bob Needs Your Help To Save Earth

Take a trip down memory lane with this pixelated 2-D platform throwback. Get it now, while it is on sale.

Do Goats Dream Of Electric Sheep? Find Out By Playing Dreamy Goat

Take a ride on a rocking whale and travel across a dreamland in this side scrolling platform adventure. Grab a pillow and try not to wake up as you explore music and art in a unique and interesting way.

Coati Capture, An Awesome Side-Scrolling Auto Run Challenge

Coati Capture is a side-scrolling auto run arcade game that challenges your reflexes and reaction time. Run, jump and flip upside down as fast as you can because the hunters are on their way.