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Get Monument Valley now for free on the App Store

Monument Valley is currently available for free on the App Store, instead of its regular price of $3.99.

Keep track of your emotional rollercoasters with Moodnotes

Track your feelings and get insights on how to improve your happiness and well-being with this slick new app.

Monument Valley will add a free expansion pack later this week

Ida’s Dream was originally unveiled late last year to support World AIDS Day.

Widely acclaimed game Monument Valley is now available for its lowest price ever

From developer ustwo, the puzzler was crowned as our Top Paid iPad App of 2014. It's now just $0.99.

Hit game Monument Valley has been downloaded 1.7 million times on the App Store

Developer UsTwo Games recently published an interesting infographic about the amazing game.

Best new games of the week: Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores and Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure

Kick back and relax this weekend with some fantastic puzzles and adventure in our top game picks for the week!

Acclaimed puzzle game Monument Valley updated with new 'Forgotten Shores' levels

Monument Valley has just been updated with its highly anticipated new set of levels.

Monument Valley to gain new levels through upcoming 'Forgotten Shores' expansion

Monument Valley is set to be updated with its highly anticipated first expansion next week.

Developer ustwo offers a sneak peak at a new Monument Valley level

The “lost levels” are still slated to arrive sometime this year.

With 1 million downloads and counting, Monument Valley is set to gain new levels

Monument Valley is set to gain new "lost scene" levels.

Acclaimed iOS Games Threes! And Monument Valley Go On Sale For First Time Ever

A couple of noteworthy iOS games have just undergone their first price drops ever: Threes! and Monument Valley.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For April 11, 2014

Get your game on with our top game picks for the week that include a beautiful M.C. Escher inspired puzzler and a roguelike space simulator!

Defy All Physics And Logic As You Journey Through Monument Valley

The latest game from ustwo, makers of Whale Trail, provides a delightfully unique puzzle experience for everyone.

Whale Trail Creator Ustwo Unveils Escher-esque Puzzle Game Monument Valley

Ustwo, the acclaimed developer behind the psychedelic Whale Trail and the addictive Blip Blup, has finally released Monument Valley.

RIP Rando: Whale Trail Creator's Random Photo-Sharing App Shuts Down

Rando, the “experimental photo exchange platform” developed by Whale Trail creator ustwo, has just been shut down.

Randomize And 'Antisocialize' Your Photo-Sharing Experience With Rando

The "experimental photo exchange platform" Rando has just received a significant update.

See And Hear The Pulse Of Color In Blip Blup

Can't get enough puzzle games on your iOS device? Then don't miss out on this delightful new game from ustwo.

Krilliant! Whale Trail Gains New Challenge Levels With Speed, Stars And Space

Whale Trail, the endless "flyer" starring Willow the bubbly whale, has just received a major update.

New Kid-Friendly Version Of Whale Trail Flies Into The App Store

Whale Trail Junior is a more child-friendly version of the popular endless flyer.

Whale Trail 2.0 Brings Loads Of Krill And Lots Of Gameplay Tweaks

The most notable attribute of Whale Trail 2.0 is the use of a brand new in-game currency called Krill.

Papa Quash Pulled From App Store Amid Cloning Charges

Amid charges of cloning, Ustwo has already pulled Papa Quash from the App Store.

New iPhone Game Papa Quash Gets Squashed In Cloning Quandary

A cloning controversy is brewing between Papa Quash and a similar but older game called Johann Sebastian Joust.

Whale Trail Is Well On Its Trail Towards Going Freemium

Whale Trail is going the way of Temple Run, at least in terms of switching to the freemium model.

Popular iOS Flying Game Will Soon Be Flying Off The Shelves

Whale Trail has been tapped by Penguin's Puffin Books for an expansive publishing deal.