Apple is reportedly inviting Australian technology journalists to WWDC 2011, according to a recent report.

The news comes from, who noticed a tweet posted by Charlie Brown – an Australian technology editor. Since, the tweet has been removed, but as you can see in the above screenshot, it read:

I think something big will be announced June 6th in San Fran, by #Apple. I have just been invited to attend the event :)

Yesterday, we told you that Apple’s iPhone public relations team was inviting UK journalists to the event, possibly suggesting that Apple was planning on announcing an hardware update to its iPhone handset. However, the report regarding Australian journalists does not specifically mention the iPhone PR team.

Regardless, the news does suggest that Apple is indeed planning on announcing something “big.”

Could this be a new iPhone handset? Or possibly Apple’s own cloud-based music service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[via MacRumors]