According to 9 to 5 Mac, the retail “Apple Store 2.0″ remodel has finally gone live. At least, it has in Australia (which is nearly a day ahead of the US), and results are in line with what’s been generally rumored.

The biggest, most immediate changes indicate that Apple retail locations everywhere are going ever greener. Gone are the paper signs and placards adorning each product’s position throughout the store, generously replaced by iPad 2s running custom, fully interactive apps designed to showcase each associated model in Apple’s lineup. In theory, the move should serve to drive sales of devices both described and describing.

Apple needs to stand those iPads up!

Seriously, even a tad bigger boost would be fine.

Additionally, these iPad “terminals” provide shoppers with “service call” functionality, allowing them to simply tap the screen for assistance and wait for a Specialist to mosey on over. (That feature, while certainly useful, could encourage some seriously irritating abuse, so hopefully Apple’s ready to address any and all related shenanigans.)

Tap this button. A bunch of times.

As for the rest of the rumors — the “Startup Sessions,” mega displays, the new iOS Apple Store app — we’ll simply have to wait and see. Not every store will sport the same changes, so it might take a few days to roll out a truly comprehensive rundown.

And what about all that NFC business?