Apple’s iPhone 4S handset is now the second most popular camera phone on Flickr, according to the website’s Camera Finder webpage.

Back in June, we got pretty excited when the iPhone 4 overtook the Nikon D90 to become the most used camera in the Flickr community.

Now, though Apple’s iPhone 4S hasn’t become Flickr’s second most popular camera, it has become the website’s second most popular camera phone. According to the graph included below, Flickr fans are using iPhone 3G handsets less and less, while use of the iPhone 4 remains high and interest in the iPhone 4S is growing.

Flickr's most popular camera phones

If you’re wondering how the iPhone 4S compares to the iPhone 4, take a look at our article. And if you’ve been uploading to Flickr from an iPhone 4S, let us know in the comments.

[via MacRumors]