The recently-released Infinity Blade II has just received a minor update, which makes tweaks to the popular application and also squashes a number of bugs.

Earlier this week, chAIR Entertainment unleashed Infinity Blade II and Apple fans around the globe downloaded the $6.99 app (take a look at our review of the application if you haven’t already).

However, it was soon noted that the application didn’t play nice with older iOS devices, and chAIR announced that a fix would be made available as soon as possible.

Now, it would appear that the aforementioned update is available to download. The latest version of Infinity Blade II (1.0.1) now includes “[b]alance tweaks, optimizations and bug fixes,” suggesting that the issues many had been encountering with the application have now been resolved.

If you’ve already purchased the app and previously ran into problems, downloaded the latest update and let us know how Infinity Blade II works for you in the comments. Currently, the application is available to purchase in the App Store for $6.99.