Readability’s long-awaited iOS app is set to launch in the App Store on March 1, according to the service’s official website.

Already, Readability – which can transform an ad-cluttered, messy website into an easy-to-read, streamlined online document – is present in some of our favorite apps, like Tweetbot and Reeder. However, the service is finally ready to launch its own application – something that has been in the cards for a while now.

As you can see in the video preview below, besides producing beautiful, readable documents out of webpages, Readability’s app will also allow users to adjust the produced text – either making it bigger or smaller, or switch fonts – and also includes support for Twitter, allowing users to tweet about interesting articles to their followers.

Below, we’ve included a video of Readability’s iPad app in action. Take a look at it now, and we’ll let you know once Readability for iOS launches in the App Store on March 1.

[via TUAW]