It looks like somebody at Cupertino, CA read AppAdvice yesterday and took some advice from our own Andy Faust. In a post published yesterday, Andy called for Apple to drop the numbers and letters from the names of their new iOS devices – he was disgusted at the potential of an “iPad HD,” and made his case in a lengthy article.

Today, Apple unveiled the third-generation iPad – and guess what it was called? That’s right: “the new iPad.”

Instead of choosing a name like “iPad 3″ or even “iPad HD” – a name which was expected because of the iPad’s brand-new Retina display – Apple instead decided to drop the numbers and letters (a move that will surely place a smile on the face of Mr. Andy Faust).

Interestingly, Apple has decided to continue calling the iPad 2 the “iPad 2.”

You’ll be able to preorder the new iPad later today, and the Retina display-equipped product should be with us by March 16.