A week ago, two of the most popular photography apps for iPhone, Instagram and Hipstamatic, shook hands and said cheese for the social media cameras as they announced a partnership that would lay the groundwork for more similar partnerships between apps of their kind. The partnership enables users to take photos with Hipstamatic and export them for sharing in the 25 million strong photo sharing network of Instagram. It is said to be the first partnership to come out of Instagram’s release of its API for third-party use. Since then, other developers have taken advantage of the opportunity to integrate Instagram into their camera apps. One of the most recent ones to do so is SmugMug, which just updated Camera Awesome, its free camera app for iPhone, in order to have the same export-to-Instagram feature.

“Now people can ‘Awesomize’ their photos in the Camera Awesome app, then instantly share them on Instagram with one simple tap,” said the SmugMug team. But Instagram integration isn’t the only enhancement the new update brings to Camera Awesome. Another significant improvement to the app is the more inviting pricing schemes for the bundles of additional effects available for in-app purchase. In her review for AppAdvice, Christine expressed her disappointment in the app’s freemium business model, saying that “my biggest gripe with the app is that it is not actually free.” She added, “It’s riddled with in-app purchases everywhere! For the initial free download, you get 36 total effects (presets, filters, textures, and frames). However, the app has a total of 297 effects, and the other 261 must be bought in sets of nine for $0.99 each.” Now, SmugMug has rectified its in-app purchase setup so that you can now get all presets, filters, textures and frames amounting to 262,143 combos for only $9.99. And if you happen to have already bought a few effects before, the difference will be billed to you when you purchase this “Awesome Forever!” pack.

Improvements for Camera Awesome are also made in the Getting Started guide, pinch to zoom gesture, white balance lock and smooth timer setting. Having topped four million downloads and reached the number one spot in the photo apps category in 55 countries, Camera Awesome is available for free in the App Store.