Even iPhone apps are benefiting from the “resolutionary” new iPad.

MacRumors reports that iPhone apps with Retina graphics are now being fully supported by the new iPad:

Since the original iPad’s launch, both the iPhone and iPod Touch has been upgraded to high resolution Retina displays. While Apple could use the Retina graphics from apps that had been upgraded to work with the iPhone 4 and 4S’s 960×640 display (nearly all iPhone apps nowadays), so far, they’ve chosen not to. Instead, the iPad 1 and 2 continue to just pixel double the 480×320 display from the original iPhone’s screen. In fact, there is even a jailbreak app called Retinapad that enables the use of iPhone Retina graphics on the original iPad, filling this gap in functionality.

But now the new iPad shows the full Retina graphics in 1x and pixel-doubling mode. The result is a significantly improved display. As seen in the pictured comparison of Cut the Rope, the new iPad graphics look substantially sharper without the pixelation issues of the iPad 2.

The comparison also showed that the iPhone version of the app looks almost as good as the iPad native game, which has yet to be updated to support the full resolution of the 2048×1536 screen of the new iPad. So, iPhone only apps that looked horrible in 2X mode on the iPad and iPad 2 are now starting to look much better on the new iPad.

If you bought the new iPad, have you noticed this difference? While most of my favorite apps are finally iPad compatible, it’s nice to see that the few that haven’t made the jump (I’m looking at you, Spotify) will be even clearer on the new iPad.