Showing that Google is serious about its news aggregator app, Currents received an update today highlighted by international support.

The version 1.1 release officially rolls out support around the globe with the ability to translate material into 44 languages. Using Google Translate, U.S. publishers can now make their articles available in any of the supported languages.

Users also now have the ability to instantly sync while online. When pulling up the Publisher, Google trending, and favorite “editions” in the app, new content is automatically available. Other improvements include Google+ sharing, customized sharing options, and support for Read It Later.

Google released Currents late last year in the United States to provide users a magazine-like appearance while reading important news from across the Web. They have continued to search for traction while competing against the more well-known Zite, Flipboard, and Pulse.

And although Zite was acquired by mega-news giant CNN last year, our own Bryan M. Wolfe sat down with the company’s CEO Mark Johnson in an excellent interview today. Johnson talked about how Zite is still very independent and is driven by the desire to give readers interesting content.

Google Currents is universal and available in the App Store for free.

What do you think about the new update? Do the new features make you want to try Google’s take on the magazine-format news aggregator?