Google Docs is a great document creation and management platform. Apple’s iOS is a great mobile computing platform. Put them together and you have an excellent way to work with documents on the go. Nothing’s stopping you from launching Google Docs on your iPhone or iPad’s mobile Safari app, but that setup is quite limited. What you need to really be able to take advantage of the functionality of Google Docs on your iDevice is a native app, like the newly updated GoDocs for Google Docs by Light Room.

Listed as one of the notable apps in AppAdvice’s AppGuide regarding Goodle Docs managers, GoDocs has been upgraded recently to version 3.0. And you know what a round version number means for an app: great new features.

For starters, the universal GoDocs has been optimized for the new iPad’s Retina display. A good many UI adjustments have also resulted in the app’s fresh look and feel. Moreover, the app has added support for push notifications for changes in shared documents as well as support for Google Drive. (GoDocs is supposedly the first app in the App Store to have Google Drive integration.)

GoDocs 3.0 has tighter PDF support.

Other significant changes in the app include improved PDF viewing, searching within documents, switching between mobile and desktop editing, multiple document management, and seamless synchronization. All these and more are in GoDocs 3.0, available now in the App Store for $4.99.

Do you work regularly with Google Docs documents on your iPhone or iPad? Do you use a native app like GoDocs or does Google Docs on mobile Safari suffice?