It looks like iOS 6 is moving closer to reality.

Even though information has recently leaked regarding some of the features expected in the next version of the operating system for the iPad and iPhone, there has been little concrete evidence of the new OS. But that has begun to change. According to 9to5Mac, an anonymous app developer has noticed recent uses of iO6 while its app was running. Other app developers the site spoke to said iOS 6 users started to appear sometime in late April.

We’ve gotten some previous hints that iOS 6 has been tested at Apple for a while. In early March, we reported that the technology website Ars Technica was apparently seeing some visits from devices running the new operating system.

In the past week, two major features of iOS 6 have apparently been revealed. On Friday, we told you how Apple is planning on dropping the Google Maps backend of the Maps app and replacing it with its own, in-house data. And instead of the familiar Google Street View, the app will feature a powerful 3-D mode.

And yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that iCloud and iOS 6 will be receiving some major photo sharing and video syncing updates. With iOS 6, users will be able to share photos outside of the Photo Stream and sync videos across devices just like with photos. We’re expecting that Apple will offer the first public look at iOS 6 during WWDC in June.

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