Earlier this month we told you about the expected changes coming for the Maps app in iOS 6. And now BGR has apparently received some photos and new information regarding the update.

First up, the app will feature a refreshed UI and a brand new navigation bar. Instead of the usual blue in the iPhone version, the bar is silver, which might indicate iOS 6 will feature a silver color theme just like on the iPad.

Also, in the iPhone version, the app has a “floating” locate me button at the bottom, left corner. To enable the 3-D mode in the app, users touch the bottom, right-hand corner.

With the blurrycam photos and other information, BGR made the pictured mockup of what the expected app will look like in 3-D mode. To disable the mode, a user must tap a 3-D icon in the lower, left corner.

Along with the new features, the updated app is expected to offer map data directly from Apple. In the previous versions of Maps, Apple had full control of the application design, but the actual data came from Google. But with the acquisitions of Placebase, C3 Technologies, and Poly9, Apple will be able to host the map backend itself.

Apple will hopefully offer a preview of iOS 6 at WWDC June 11-15.

Source: BGR