AppAdvice has once again teamed up with Schematix in order to offer you a chance to win one of five promo codes for Wordflex Touch Dictionary ($24.99) for iPad.

Formerly TWIG Touch Dictionary, Wordflex Touch Dictionary goes far beyond being a simple reference tool of defining words to an experience of deep discovery of the English language. Instead of boring and compacted paragraph-style entries, Wordflex displays word details in tree form, branching out from the main entry into subentries, then nodes.

The main entry, which is the word you’ve searched for, includes both a British and U.S. English pronunciation, a brief origin of the word, and the possibility of a related image. Subentries can be any number of details, such as classification, syntax, definition, phrases, derivatives, and informal synonyms. Of course, nodes are examples and other specifics for subentries.

So, how does one navigate all of this? Through simple one and two finger gestures. First, either search for a word, the most obvious approach, or discover new words with Shuffle mode. When activated, random words and phrases will float towards you in a gravity free environment. When you see a word that interests you, simply tap on it to select.

After selecting a word, only its very basic subentries are opened. From here, you can expand each subentry manually or tap on the auto-expand button (iPad 2 or later) to unfold all subentries of a word tree through a dramatic and fun animation sequence. In addition, orange colored pop-up badges exist to provide more in-depth details. Simply tap on the badge to open or close, or perform a double tap on any open space to close all pop-ups.

Fully expanded, some word tress can get quite large, though there’s no need to be concerned. Every element in Wordflex is freely positionable. Just tap, hold, then drag an entry or subentry to rearrange the items for easier viewing. Furthermore, you can double tap any word within a subentry to create a brand new tree. This makes it much easier to explore new words without adding hassle or unnecessary clutter.

If you feel compelled to share that wonderful new knowledge, you can do so by converting the tree into a poster and distributing it via email, Twitter, Facebook, the iOS camera roll, or even physically by printing it using AirPrint. Due to memory limitations, posters may be scaled to 2000 by 2000, 3000 by 3000, or 4000 by 4000 pixels.

You can get a good look at the main features by viewing the screen captures and demonstration video embedded below, plus see one of many creative uses in our first App Synergy installment.

To have a chance at winning one of the five Wordflex Touch Dictionary promo codes, just leave a comment below telling us how you’ll be utilizing this lavish dictionary and thesaurus before June 8 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Only one entry per person is allowed. Please be sure to also check your junk email boxes so that you won’t miss out if you win.