With just a few days left before the commencement of this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, London 2012: Official Results App has today received an “athletic” update.

As its name clearly indicates, the app serves as the foremost source on the latest results of the numerous events in London 2012.

But contrary to what its name suggests, the app includes something other than event results. And by “something,” I mean live and calendar schedules as well as information on the Olympic sports and medals.

London 2012 Athlete Page

Released early this month, the app has just been updated with something more in the form of a new Athletes section.

Now, you can also browse an up-to-date list of all participating Olympic athletes. You can search for athletes by sport or by country and view their biographies and other related information. You can even specify certain athletes as your favorites — that’s favourites to you London types — in the app’s My Games section.

London 2012: Official Results App is available in the App Store as a free universal app. A companion app called London 2012: Official Join In App, which is essentially a planning guide to this year’s Olympics, is also on hand.

Let the Olympic and Paralympic Games begin!