Knights of the Round Cable by Chillingo Ltd icon

Knights of the Round Cable ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd has you swinging in circles as you try to collect as many jewels as you can.

While you’re at it, saving some trapped princesses would be a good idea, too.

Knights of the Round Cable by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

Different posts of different sizes are scattered around. Swing your rope out to attach to a post and swing around it to collect the jewels and to launch off in the direction of more jewels. It seems that heavy armor makes no difference whatsoever for a Knight of the Round Cable, since he can zip around like a rocket. This game’s physics are reminiscent of another Chillingo title, Cut the Rope.

The button on the right controls attaching to the different posts, while the left button will rotate your direction. What’s perfect about this game is that you can always count on the rope to latch onto a post: there’s no need to aim. You also bounce if you hit the ground or the walls, so that makes things easy as well.

You will, however, need to watch out for the different enemies flying across the screen. Swing into them, and you’ll lose a life. I must say, though, that it is pretty funny when you lose all of your lives. Your knight turns into a charred husk, where all you can see are his squinty eyes and exasperated grin. That’s before he plummets to the ground.

Knights of the Round Cable by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

Fiesta mode is obtained when you’ve gathered all of the jewels around a post until the word “fiesta” is spelled (don’t ask me what that has to do with medieval times).

I’m still not quite clear about what fiesta mode does. At first I thought it was like “frenzy” mode in Whale Trail, but I still got hurt by the baddies. At least fiesta mode looks cool.

This game is very addictive: to the point of me needing to put it down so I could write the review. The fast-paced action and cartoony graphics make this game a winner. But what else would you expect from Chillingo?