TodoMovies, the to-do app dedicated to movies, has been updated for the first time today.

Launched early last June, TodoMovies is a special-purpose app that lets you keep track of the movies you want to watch.

The app allows you to search its database of past, current, and upcoming film releases.

If you find a movie you’d like to watch, just add it to your to-watch list. If it’s a movie that’s yet to open in theaters, you can opt to be notified once it does.

After watching a movie on your to-watch list, you can move that movie to your watched list just as easily.

TodoMovies 1.1, the new version of the app, introduces a number of new features.

Foremost among these features is the integration of international movie release dates.

Originally, TodoMovies uses U.S. release dates only. Now, you can let the app know your location so that it can retrieve release dates for your country, if available.

TodoMovies To Watch

In connection with this, a new always-notify option has been added to the app’s settings. Enable this option if you prefer not to be asked whether you want to be notified every time you add an unreleased film.

The new version of TodoMovies also applies a couple of gestures to the movie poster display.

First, you can now tap and hold on a movie poster to save or copy it. This action comes in handy if you want, say, the movie poster for “The Bourne Legacy” or “Total Recall” to be your home or lock screen wallpaper.

Second, you can now double-tap on a movie poster to open the movie details view. And while you’re in the movie details view, you can also double-tap to go back to the movie poster. Of course, you can still use the upper right corner button to switch between the two views.

The update to TodoMovies also brings a variety of fixes as well as the ability to add items back from the watched list to the to-watch list.

TodoMovies 1.1 is available now as a free update or a $0.99 new download in the App Store.