We recently told you about the Bluetooth-powered Pear project on Kickstarter that brings a simple solution to a unique problem while using speakers with an iOS dock.

Instead of having to keep your device docked to listen to music, Pear replaces your iPhone on the dock, allowing you to rock out wirelessly while still using your handset.

After achieving its goal almost a month ago, the project mysteriously was pulled from Kickstarter this weekend.

But the creators reached out to AppAdvice to let us know exactly what happened. Apparently, the project was pulled after someone complained to Kickstarter that the Pear’s logo was infringing on a trademark.

Even so, there shouldn’t be any need to worry. The issue is being resolved, and the creators said they are hoping to be back on Kickstarter within 3-6 weeks with a new, updated logo – minus any mention of the word Pear. Fans are even being encouraged to send in their ideas.

If you’re interested in knowing when the project returns, you can email [email protected] or follow status updates on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope everything gets worked out and the project does indeed make a triumphant return to Kickstarter soon. With the next-generation iPhone almost certain to have a new dock connector, Pear should be great way to help prolong the life of many speaker systems.