Even though Flipboard started out dedicated to only reading, the app continues to improve its use of video. The app has just introduced curated TV channels.

And there is definitely a wide range of new channels that cover many different interests. Along with channels dedicated to news, science, music, and cooking, there look to be some off-beat choices like Influencer TV.

To access the videos, tap the red ribbon after starting the app and open the Content Guide to watch the new TV sections. Under the Video tab, the different sections will be sorted by general topics.

The video is powered by popular channels from YouTube. Flipboard became a “trusted” Google partner earlier this summer as content from both YouTube and Google+ was integrated into the app.

Flipboard is a universal app compatible with both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPhone. It can be downloaded free in the App Store.

Just yesterday, in celebration of its second birthday, the company publicized some interesting stats. More than 20 million people have used the app since its introduction as an iPad only title. Flipboard users log 3 billion “flips” per month, and the service is growing at a rate of more than one user per second.