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Flipboard Adds Google+ And YouTube Integration

Flipboard Adds Google+ And YouTube Integration

June 22, 2012
Flipboard has just given Google a massive +1. It was announced a few days ago, and now it's official. The popular social news magazine for iPhone and iPad has just been updated with support for two of the search giant's key services. Google+ and YouTube are now integrated into Flipboard. After updating the app and adding your Google+ account to it, the items posted by the people in your Google+ circles automatically appear in the app. And in true Flipboard fashion, they are displayed in the style of a print magazine. Just as you can like and comment on Facebook posts right within Flipboard, you can also +1 and comment on Google+ posts. As noted by Bradley Horowitz, Vice President of Product Management for Google+: "It works like it should. Flipboard has done an amazing job." Along with Google+, YouTube is also now viewable in Flipboard. Once you connect your YouTube account with the app, videos from channels you're subscribed to are expected to show up within your stream. This twofold integration coincides with Flipboard's highly anticipated launch on Android, Google's mobile operating system. Clearly, Flipboard and Google has struck quite a significant partnership. The latest update to Flipboard also adds another round of local editions. This time, they're for Germany, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, and Spain. You can download Flipboard in the App Store for free. Google+ is also available as a free standalone app for iPhone. YouTube is, of course, one of the stock apps on iOS. So, is Google a major plus for Flipboard?

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