If there’s one recent occurrence users of Gratitude Journal ought to be thankful for, it’s the latest update to the app itself.

Gratitude Journal is much like the recently released Gratitude 365 in that it encourages users to keep a record of the things they’re thankful for. But Gratitude Journal claims to be the original, er, gratitude journal app, launched as it was way back in 2008.

And now, version 5.0 of Gratitude Journal is here.

Actually, the new version of Gratitude Journal brings only a couple of new features plus a couple of promised ones.

The app now supports a daily reminder alarm and a default font. In addition, the update’s changelog teases the long-overdue arrival of Twitter and Facebook integration and iCloud syncing.

Gratitude Journal

To be sure, these added and promised features, however few, are already worth thanking for. But what’s bound to really evoke gratitude from Gratitude Journal users are the significant bug fixes the update brings.

You see, last February, Gratitude Journal received a huge update. But the update turned out to be a huge failure for a lot of users, resulting in frequent crashing at best and data deletion at worst.

It took Gratitude Journal developer Happy Tapper long enough, but the app has finally been rebuilt to fix all of the reported issues.

Optimized for iPhone, the fully functional, new version of Gratitude Journal is available now in the App Store as a free update or as a $0.99 download. Thank goodness, right?