The popular Messages-replacing jailbreak app, biteSMS, has recently received an update. Now, fans of the app can take advantage of new theme options, and can enjoy a smoother experience thanks to a number of important bug fixes made in version 6.3.10 (or beta 10) of biteSMS.

Here’s the full change log, as listed on the biteSMS forums:

  • Added theme parameter for the character counter.
  • Added theme parameters for links in message bubbles.
  • Added theme parameters for QR square corners and text area background color.
  • Once theme applied, clear caches such that a respiring is no longer required.
  • Fixed iPad crash issues.
  • Fixed a crash associated with unlock the phone during an incoming message event.

More information on theme parameters can be found at biteSMS’s website.

If you’re not familiar with this killer jailbreak package, biteSMS includes a bunch of impressive features, including quick reply, quick compose, read receipts, and more. Take a look at the new version of biteSMS in the Cydia Store now. Currently, the jailbreak package is available to try for free, but requires a $9.99 payment to unlock the full version.

Plus, for the latest biteSMS updates, be sure to add the following repository to the Cydia app.

Source: iDownloadBlog