Even as the future of third-party Twitter apps remains uncertain in light of Twitter’s prospectively stricter policies, Tweetings continues to get updated … and updated some more.

A mere 11 days after its 5.4.1 update, Tweetings’ 5.4.2 is already here.

Both updates’ version numbers may not look major, but they do add many notable enhancements to the app.

Among the enhancements in Tweetings 5.4.1 was the interestingly named ninja mode. With ninja mode, you can “hide the colors on the timeline, your screen name on the home timeline title and on the compose screen for times when you have someone looking over your shoulder and you want to be incognito.” Sneaky!

Also included were the option to email a conversation using Storify and the option to open a link in Chrome rather than Safari.

There’s plenty more where those came from, but the order of the day is Tweetings 5.4.2.

Tweetings for Twitter

In the latest version of Tweetings, uploading images via img.ly and Tweetbot-like timeline streaming are now supported. In addition, the following improvements specific to the app’s Favstar.fm integration are included:

  • From timeline swipe menu, view tweet in Favstar.fm option is now available
  • Viewing Favstar.fm pages in app will now automatically identify you on their site
  • Tap and hold favorite button to award a tweet Favstar.fm’s Tweet of the Day

The newly updated Tweetings for iPhone is available in the App Store for $2.99. If you’re interested in its iPad counterpart, you may also download Tweetings HD for iPad, which was also substantially updated a few weeks ago, for the same price.