We’ve heard a lot of complaints from Apple customers and critics alike in recent days about the new Maps app that comes with iOS 6. Now we’ve heard just how poor the native app performs on the iPhone 4, in particular with turn-by-turn and navigation.

You didn’t know turn-by-turn was available on the iPhone 4? It shouldn’t be and that is the problem.

According to Apple, turn-by-turn navigation is available only on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad 2 or later. Strangely, however, the feature is still accessible and somewhat usable on the iPhone 4, but with two significant limitations.

The fine print

The fine print

According to reader Art, turn-by-turn works on the 2010 iPhone. However, if you switch to another app that uses GPS, the handset will drop your navigation settings and reset your route. In Art’s case, he switched to the Dark Sky weather app to check the forecast.

When he returned to Maps, his settings were reset, and his directions were no longer accurate. This limitation, which doesn’t occur on the iPhone 4S, seems to happen only after switching to another GPS-enabled app for more than 30 seconds.

In addition, Maps on the iPhone 4 doesn’t include voice navigation.

Apple's Maps: Not Ready for Prime Time?

Apple’s Maps: Not Ready for Prime Time?

Apple is trying to protect themselves by stating that turn-by-turn isn’t “available” on the iPhone 4. However, by actually offering the feature on the handset, they are opening themselves up to further criticism.

Cupertino should wise up and eliminate turn-by-turn from incompatible devices altogether, or actually make it work as intended. Otherwise, there could be a lot of folks missing turns and getting lost. And with many already complaining about melting or missing locations, Apple doesn’t need another Maps headache.

We thank Art for his tip.

Photo: Jive