September seems to be the month for clients for iPhone. Early this month, we were introduced to not one, but two such apps in the form of Appnet Rhino and Adian. And just a few days ago, Felix for debuted in the App Store. Now, yet another app is making its presence known.

The new app in question is called Rivr. And below is the app’s description in the App Store, in its entirety:

Your life is more than a status update. It’s bigger. Richer. And Rivr is, too.

Share your music and moods. Your travels and insights. And capture every moment, beautifully, with a quick camera and slick filters.

Some moments are too good for words. They’re for Rivr — a fast and fetching experience, handcrafted for


As its name suggests, Rivr presents a stream, or a river, as it were, of status updates in the relatively new social network.

The app allows you to share photos with Instagram-like filters. In addition, it lets you share your current mood, your favorite music, and your present location – all from the app’s right sidebar. Rivr also has a left sidebar that takes you to the different sections of

Optimized for iPhone 5, Rivr is available now in the App Store for free. If you have an account, there can be no possible excuse for you not to download it now and try it for yourself.

Oh, what’s that? You want to read our full review first? Well, in that case, just wait for Christine‘s assessment of Rivr to be posted here on AppAdvice soon.