For a while now, we’ve been expecting the sixth-gen iPhone to sport a 4-inch screen. Now, in demo video commissioned by the folks over at MacRumors, one graphic designer has shown exactly how important the expected additional screen real estate will be to iOS fans.

As you can see in the video, which we’ve embedded below, a 4-inch screen means a taller springboard, bigger apps, and widescreen games and movies. Applications that haven’t been updated for the sixth-gen iPhone could run in a “letterbox” mode, meaning there would be no major incompatibility issues. All in all, this interpretation of the purported 4-inch iPhone screen is quite sound, and has left me feeling more than a little bit excited for Apple’s upcoming event.

Take a look at the aforementioned video, and let us know what you’re expecting to see when the sixth-gen iPhone launches!

(If you can’t see the above video, please click here.)

Source: MacRumors