It’s time! It’s time for the first ever update for Timer by App Cubby, that is.

Launched late last May as simply Timer :, Timer by App Cubby is touted as the “ultimate one-tap timer.”

“Setting a timer shouldn’t be a chore,” says app developer App Cubby, which also maintains the popular Launch Center Pro and Gas Cubby. “Tap to start, tap to stop, tap and hold to edit. That’s it. That’s Timer.”

The main screen of Timer by App Cubby is made up of a three-by-four grid of huge tappable buttons. Why huge? “Huge buttons,” App Cubby explains, “are incredibly well suited to quickly taking action on touchscreen devices.”

Seeing that these buttons are huge, it’s just as well that they contain labels, right? And that’s exactly one of the improvements brought about by the app’s first ever update.

Timer by App Cubby

Boasting a clean, new look, the new version of Timer by App Cubby supports adding of labels for timers. Now you don’t have to memorize which preset timer is for cooking, exercising, or switching sides when tanning.

A new time entry view, a new font, and a new alert sound called Meditation are also included in the update, along with the following optimizations:

  • Updated URL scheme for Launch Center Pro
  • Audio is no longer paused when opening the app
  • Audio is resumed after timer alerts play
  • Several minor bug fixes and UI updates

The new version of Timer by App Cubby is available now in the App Store for free.

What are you waiting for? Don’t waste time and update or download the app now.