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New iPhone App Timer Lessens The Time You Spend Setting Up Timers

New iPhone App Timer Lessens The Time You Spend Setting Up Timers

June 1, 2012
It's ironic that we usually end up wasting time when using apps that deal with time. Take the Clock app for example. I could use it to time my quick-cooking ramen, but setting the timer on it is a fiddly affair, with its option tabs and rotary dials. Siri is also another option, but there's the intermittent natural language barrier getting in the otherwise hassle-free way. For months now, I have come to rely on the ease of use provided by Timegg for my repeated timing needs. But compared with this recently released iPhone app simply called Timer (stylized as "Timer :"), Timegg almost looks like a kludge. Made by App Cubby, the same developer behind Launch Center, Tweet Speaker, and Gas Cubby, Timer is an app that makes setting timers deceptively easy. The main screen of the app consists of a three-by-four grid of large square buttons. Each button represents a timer, with the first three rows dedicated for presets and the remaining row at the bottom reserved for single-use. Tap a button to activate its corresponding timer duration and tap to stop. It's that simple. If you'd like to edit the settings of a button, you need only tap and hold. If you're wondering why the buttons are unusually large for an iPhone app, let App Cubby explain: "HUGE buttons are incredibly well suited to quickly taking action on touchscreen devices." So, there you have it. Waste no more time and download Timer now in the App Store for only $0.99.

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