It’s the end of the road for batch. The photo-sharing app is calling it quits as of today, Oct. 31.

Released a year ago almost to the day, the free app offered users a simple way to send batches of photos to family and friends. It also had a beautiful UI, as Christine Chan mentioned in her original review.

I also enjoyed batch when it first arrived, and expected big things from it. Unfortunately, not every photo-sharing app can find success, even when it comes with one of the best app interfaces in the App Store.

According to an email received for batch customers:

Just over a year ago we launched batch, and the time has come for us to shut down the service. We appreciate you downloading and checking out the app, but most of all, thank you for your loyal support.

As of October 31th, the batch app will no longer be available. Your photos will be available to download until November 8th from the website. After November 8th, all photos and data will be permanently deleted.

If you need to contact us for any reason, you can email us at: 
[email protected].

Thank you, 
The Batch Team

To download your batch photos, please click this link.

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