Now isn’t this interesting? Apparently, as reported by AllThingsD, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD had it biggest day of sales last Wednesday, Oct. 24.

“Wednesday was the $199 Kindle Fire HD’s biggest day of sales since launch and up 3x week over week,” said Amazon spokesperson Drew Herdener in an email to AllThingsD.

Why is this particularly interesting? Well, you don’t have to jog your memory for long before you recall that last Wednesday was the day following Apple’s announcement of the iPad mini.

Of course, the iPad mini is Apple’s first foray into the mini tablet market, of which Amazon appears to be in command with its Kindle Fire lineup.

iPad mini vs. Kindle Fire HD

Amazon has this notorious habit of not disclosing sales numbers. But assuming that Amazon’s claim is true, it only reinforces an important view shared by my colleague Bryan Wolfe: The Biggest Problem With The iPad mini Could Be Its Price.

The Kindle Fire HD’s entry-level 16 GB model costs $199, while the iPad mini’s 16 GB model costs $329.

Considering Amazon’s statement, it would seem that the $130 difference is enough for some customers to choose the former over the latter. (Alternatively, the difference is too much for them to choose the latter over the former.)

But then again, there’s also the interesting fact of the iPad mini’s being sold out after just hours of preorder availability.

Source: AllThingsD