OMG where’s Lika?!

That’s the hook of the recently released Where’s Lika. As you might have already guessed from the name, Where’s Lika is a hidden object game in the tradition of Where’s Waldo.

All you have to do in Where’s Lika is, of course, find Lika. But who is Lika anyway? What does she look like? Does she also wear a red-and-white striped shirt, a bobble hat, and round glasses?

Lika is actually a worm. Lika is green and has a pink Mohawk. She also has what Where’s Lika developer Neverland Games refers to as “a wink you’ll never forget.”

And it’s just as well that you don’t forget Lika’s wink or her pink Mohawk or her green complexion so that you may advance through the game.

Where’s Lika

The game consists of a series of colorful and crisp illustrations showing (or is it hiding?) Lika amid a huge crowd made up of Lika’s forest friends.

Searching for Lika in every illustration is a race against time, so the faster you find Lika, the higher your score is.

To aid you in your endeavor, the game provides three items: a block of ice for freezing time, a watch for extra time, and a magnifying glass for better searching.

The game also offers three difficulty levels for you to conquer: seeker, finder, and ranger.

Oh, and the game comes with an extremely amusing yodeling melody for its soundtrack.

Compatible with iPad only, Where’s Lika is available now for free. Find and download it now in the App Store.