The App Store is a motherlode of games based on the classic Gold Miner game. There are already literally hundreds of Gold Miner variations available for iOS. But a newly released Gold Miner title is said to be the official Gold Miner game, and its name is Gold Miner Go!

Available for iPhone and iPad in two separate versions, Gold Miner Go! is so named because it is supposedly “reimagined for on the Go!”

The game is released by Amoebattle and Picsy developer Grab Games. Typical of Grab Games, Gold Miner Go! features crisp and colorful graphics as well as lively music.

Gold Miner Go!

Gold Miner Go! challenges you to mine for gold across 54 different levels. You get to advance to the next level only after collecting a certain amount of gold.

The levels in the game are set in various locales, including Australia and the Amazon. Also, they include creatures from the original game along with new ones, including the bilby and the piranha.

And to help you on your gold mining, power-ups such as dynamites and steel cables are at your disposal.

Gold Miner Go! for iPhone (Note: not yet optimized for iPhone 5) and Gold Miner Go! HD for iPad are available now in the App Store for $0.99 and $2.99, respectively.