Besides being a father, writer, and occasional Apple fanboy, I am also an iOS device case collector. This is nothing to be proud of. Instead, I put the blame for my obsession squarely at the feet of manufacturers who continue producing more durable and more beautiful cases that I just need to have.

One of my favorite case companies, Tech21, recently launched their line of iPhone 5 cases. Naturally, I was first in line. Instead of selecting an Impact Band as I did for my iPhone 4S, I choose the $34.99 Impact Snap case. The case is also available with a cover for $39.99.

Impact Snap with Cover

Impact Snap with Cover

Understated in its design, the case nonetheless offers amazing protection. Like previous Tech21 cases, the Impact Band for the iPhone 5 includes D3O, which is a patented protective material that is said to absorb and disperse energy. Thankfully, it really does!

To confirm that the case was as tough as advertised, I’ve been using it for three weeks. I’m happy to report that the case and more importantly, my phone, held up quite well. And yes, I deliberately dropped both case and phone a number of times to prove the point!

One of the many advantages of Tech21 cases is their durability and protection that has been compared favorably to the Otterbox cases. However, because they are less bulky, I prefer Tech21 much more.

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For ordering information and a list of other cases available for the iPhone 5, visit the Tech21 website.