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Tech21 Launches Unique Line Of iPhone Cases In U.S.

Tech21 Launches Unique Line Of iPhone Cases In U.S.

May 24, 2012
Otterbox might have just met its match. Tech21, the company behind Impactology, recently introduced a new line of iPhone cases that they claim provide better resistance than the popular brand of touch-impact iDevice cases. Do they? Take a look. Introduced earlier this month, the company’s Special Ops portfolio is a new line of iPhone cases that provide protection from the elements and from life’s everyday scratches, bumps, and impacts. The new line represents the United Kingdom-based company's first in the United States. At the core of Tech21’s unique approach to device protection is their signature Impact Band. This orange strip inside helps absorb impact at the molecular level, using a non-Newtonian polymer (like cornstarch and water) that has the strength of Otterbox, but with a significantly different design. Tech21 claims their entire product line, which includes eight case lines for the iPhone, is 71 percent tougher than Apple’s Bumper. They also claim they are: 48 percent tougher than the Otterbox Commuter, 43 percent tougher than the Speck Case, and 25 percent tougher than the Otterbox Defender. To come to these conclusions, Tech21 tested their cases versus the competitors by dropping phones five feet (or 1.5 meters.) According to Jason Roberts, CEO of Tech21:
“Tech21 is a game changer for protection. We have spent years developing extraordinary impact protection that doesn’t just cover your device, but actually redistributes impact to prevent damage. We are obsessive about protection and develop our technology with passion and a single-minded focus, as we want our customers to feel confident and carefree.”
I’ve had the opportunity to test two of Tech21’s existing cases, an Impact Band and a Mesh Impact case. To confirm that the cases were as tough as advertised, I’ve been using the Impact Band case with my iPhone 4S for four weeks. Initially, I was surprised at just how light it was, especially compared to my Otterbox, which is bulkier. However, I’m happy to report the case held up quite well. And yes, I did drop my iPhone five feet just to be sure. As promised, the case and the phone survived without a bump or scratch. Here’s a look at the three cases that make up Tech21’s newest line, the Special Ops: Patrol: Tech21’s Special Ops Patrol case is an advanced three-layer case for the times when your device needs an additional level of protection. In addition to the signature Impact Band and D30 fabric, the Patrol case includes a detachable clear anti-scratch back plate, reinforced soft touch polycarbonate shell to protect the front and back cover, and the 1+Touch anti-scratch & self-heal screen shield.

Side view disassembled

Submariner: The Submariner not only offers device impact protection, but also makes a device waterproof up to six meters and offers additional storage for anything you might need to carry while in the water such as keys, credit cards, and IDs. The Submariner builds on the Impact Band with an anti-scratch back plate, plus a reinforced polycarbonate waterproof case with a silicon seal touch screen membrane. The design allows for full screen function, giving you the ability to capture photos and video while underwater.

Submariner front and back in black and yellow

Combat: The Combat protection case is built for those who need the most heavy-duty protection. It combines the signature Impact Band with six additional layers of protection including a reinforced polycarbonate hard shell to fully shield devices from scratches and dents, plus TPU rubber reinforcement for additional impact protection. For extra back protection, D3O Impact Fabric is built into the back plate.

Combat Side view disassembled

For more information on Tech21’s entire line of cases and for pricing information visit In addition, Amazon has some of Tech21's earlier cases for sale here. Once we get our hands on one of the Special Ops designs, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, give us your thoughts on the new cases.

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