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Tech21 Launches New Line Of iPhone 5 Cases

Tech21 Launches New Line Of iPhone 5 Cases

September 24, 2012
Tech21, the company behind Impactology, has announced a new line of iPhone 5 cases. Best of all, the cases are already available for shipment. Recently launched in the United States, Tech21’s line of iPhone cases are designed with protection and simplicity in mind. As they state:
The difference is our obsession with the science of protection. We call what we do Impactology and it represents our promise to provide the highest standard of impact protection available. It’s what makes our products better, simpler and more beautiful than that of our competition. Protection is more than a veneer. Our technology, demonstrated in our new iPhone 5 cases, is testimony to the innovative, scientific thinking and commitment that informs everything we do.
Take a look:

For the iPhone 5, United Kingdom-based Tech21 is offering a full line of Impact Band, Impact Snap, and Impact Snap with Cover cases. Prices start at £24.99/$40. I’ve been using an Impact Band on my iPhone 4S with amazing results. As such, I plan on purchasing a Tech21 case for my iPhone 5 too. For more information on Tech21 products, be sure to read my original review first published in May. For further reading, check out This Week In Accessories: iPhone 5 Case Madness, Part 1 and This Week In Accessories: iPhone 5 Case Madness, Part 2.

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