Just three weeks after its launch and only a week after its first major update, Check the Weather has already received its much-requested universal update.

Originally released as an iPhone-only app, Check the Weather offers a streamlined dashboard of relevant weather information.

On the iPhone, the default dashboard screen displays the current weather condition and the basic weather forecast. Swiping to the right of this screen brings the hourly temperature and chance of precipitation, while swiping to the left brings the extended forecasts.

But for the app’s new iPad build, which is, of course, also compatible with the new iPad mini, developer David Smith has “taken the core benefits of the iPhone version of Check the Weather and applied them to the bigger iPad screen.”

Check the Weather

“It would be easy to start cramming in extra details and overwhelm the display,” he states in the app update’s release notes. “Instead I focused on keeping the core strength of the streamlined interface to the iPad. Slide your finger along the temperature chart to uncover detailed forecast details, no more need to swipe left and right.”

And that’s pretty much it. Unless there are hazardous weather alerts or you’re looking at the weather info for a U.S. location , that is.

In either case, you can tap the “active weather alerts” banner to find out more or you can swipe upward to bring up the Dark Sky-powered short term precipitation forecast.

Now compatible with both iPhone and iPad, Check the Weather is available in the App Store for $1.99. Check it out now.