It looks like iTunes 11 is finally coming. According to a post on the MacRumors forum, Apple is in the process of asking record labels to submit images of their artists for use in the new Music Store layout.

The email, sent by a German music distribution service to its artists, says that iTunes 11 will be released “within the next days.”

Apparently iTunes 11 will be launching "within the next days."

Apparently iTunes 11 will be launching “within the next days.”

First announced during the iPhone 5 launch event in September, Apple said the new version of iTunes would be released sometime in October. But the software’s launch was then delayed until this month.

The new version is highlighted by a significantly redesigned layout. It will include a new and simplified library view and an expanded view that will allow users to browse their music more easily.

Along with a new miniplayer, the ubiquitous toolbar on the left side of the screen will disappear. And with Ping biting the dust, iTunes 11 will smartly feature Facebook integration instead.

While the new design looks nice, I can’t say I’m actually excited about iTunes 11. With iCloud continuing to get better, I hardly ever open up iTunes anymore and usually interact with my music and apps directly through my iOS devices.

Source: MacRumors